Hagenskov Gods offers seven residential properties to let.

Hagenskov Gods also offers business properties to let, and most of the properties are mixed-use properties that can be used for combined residential and business use.

Slots Allé 4 is vacant 1. sept. 2018.

It is possible to be put on the waiting list for a specific property.

If you are interested in renting any of the properties, please submit a written request or contact us by email.

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Business properties

Barn of 2000 square metres – floor-to-ceiling height of 17 metres – gates which are 3.6 metres high

Former piggery of 280 square metres – floor-to-ceiling height of 3.5 metres

Former cowshed of 615 square metres – floor-to-ceiling height of 3.5 metres

Engine house of 300 square metres – floor-to-ceiling height of 3.5 metres – is let out

Opbevaring på Hagenskov Gods

Både, campingvogne o.lign.
Gode tilkørselsforhold.

Mail holberg@hagenskov.dk
Eller: Britta Schall Holberg
         Hagenskov Gods
         5631 Ebberup

Slots Allé 4a

The property is let out.


The cowshed – business property

The cowshed features in the second episode of Ole Bornedal’s drama series “1864”.

This property is located at the palace square, offers excellent parking and access conditions and is close to public thoroughfare.

The total ground floor is 1148 square metres. The property has a floor-to-ceiling height of 4 metres and an attic of the same size as the floor plan with flooring, large floor-to-ceiling height and beautiful construction. It is possible to divide the property into smaller units.

The property is a former cowshed, and thus some alterations must be made to accommodate the tenant’s needs. It is not suitable for businesses using noisy machinery, but is more suitable for drawing offices or the like.

See location of the property at the list of properties.


The barn – business property

The barn holds the harvest festival in the first and second episode of Ole Bornedal’s drama series “1864” and the gala premiere which took place on 6 October 2014.

The barn is 2000 square metres and wide enough for vehicles to easily navigate around.

Large, wide gates which are 3.6 metres high.

Excellent parking and access conditions

Beautiful construction.

Slots Allé 4

The property is vacant 1. sept. 2018.

The Dewitz property is Hagenskov Gods’s charming tenant’s house and is 300 square metres.

This incredibly charming property contains: large entrance hall with separate toilet and cupboard, three en-suite living rooms; one with a fireplace and one with direct access to the garden, charming kitchen opening into the dining room with an open fireplace, spacious bedroom with built-in cupboards and large en-suite bathroom.

There are also two smaller bedrooms with separate entrances, and on the first floor, there are three bedrooms. There are wall panels throughout, bright wooden flooring and exposed ceiling joists. The property also has two garages and two spacious rooms adjacent to the main house.

The property is ideally suited for residential use, but it can also be combined with business use, e.g. it can be converted into a home workstation, a clinic, an architectural firm or the like.
Horse stables are available.

Slots Allé 6

The property is let out.


The property is let out.

Slots Alle 2, the Cavalier property

The property is led out.

The Ridge property Slots Allé 3

The Property is let out.